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the percy jackson fandom is about to lose all hope I found a wattpad story about Nico di Angelo being with a girl called Sapphire Shadows who is a daughter of Nemises and Thanatos




i need a link



reasons why nico di angelo is a dork (discussed with a laughing dreamy (sleepynico)


 nico is actually afraid of the dark and has a night light. one night hazel points at it and asks, what is that?

 “Um.” nico sweats profusely. “I need the light to make shadows.”


 the one time nico tried coffee he spit it out. then asked for hot chocolate.

 (he really wanted just regular milk but he thought that would make him sound cooler)


 the first time he successfully shadow traveled. he did the dougie. or whatever other dance dorks do.


 when he’s alone in his cabin he listens to pop music. like not just pop music. but old pop music.

 hilary duff. jojo.

 potential break up song by aly and aj is his jam.


 he’s weak against the vision of puppies and kittens in distress.

 (maybe that’s why he has such a soft spot for Jason)


he doesn’t believe in scary movies unless they’re the old ones. a movie eltist, nico di angelo is.


he doesn’t know how to text. so he emails.

usually when everyone gets chainmail they know who it’s from.


he actually likes the color orange better then black. but that would hurt his rep.


he trips over things. like a lot. thankfully, no once catches that.



skulls. are so scary. but. again. he is the almighty ghost king. he has to maintain his blanket of coolness.


the best metaphor posts I’ve seen so far


First part of a series with pjo characters and their patronuses inspired by this post. I’ve got all of them sketched out, so hopefully they’ll all be done by the end of the week :D


nico di angelo is as pretentious as augustus waters 


Christa going on a mission with her gay titan girlfriend

zoe kravitz is  the most attravtive person in the entire world omfg

its called ART, not like you would understand
— nico di angelo (via lukecastelland)

You might belong in…

see, the difference between james and snape is that whilst james grew out of being a bully, snape never did.


if you can pull off a beanie you can pull off my pants


eren u fricked up


characters that are incredibly loyal [pained noises] characters that are incredibly loyal to the point that that loyalty leads to their downfall [pained noises increase in volume and amount]